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In New Castle, Kent and Sussex County, Delaware jobs vary from finance and aviation to agriculture and fishing. The entire state has a population just approaching one million, divided among these three counties. Many of the full-time jobs in Delaware are in a few industries that have concentrated in the state, including credit card services and corporate services that, due to the states financial regulations, have tended to concentrate here. Tourism is also a big part of this seacoast state's economy, providing seasonal and part time jobs in Delaware.

Chemicals and Environmental Protection

Home to DuPont, AstraZeneca and other chemical companies, Wilmington calls itself the chemical capital of the world. AstraZeneca alone employs nearly 3,000 workers in the state. Air Liquide operates the Delaware Research and Technology Center. Environmental protection businesses in Delaware include a Bloom Energy manufacturing facility, where clean, efficient Bloom Box fuel cell electricity generators are made, and Motech Americas, which is manufacturing large numbers of photovoltaic modules for international sale. Both converted existing facilities, formerly owned by Chrysler and GE respectively, preserving jobs as well as the environment.

Aviation Industry Growth

Aviation companies in Delaware hiring professional, manufacturing and service workers are on the rise. Approximately 7,000 workers are employed in the aviation industry here thanks to Dassault Falcon, PATSand Summit Aviation, and the state is encouraging related businesses to locate here and expand.

Sussex County Jobs in Agriculture and Government

Although the majority of the states industry is concentrated further north, Sussex County Delaware government jobs can help provide good pay and benefits in this rural area. Sussex County pay grades are comparable to the rest of the state. The State of Delaware jobs Sussex County offers include court jobs, social services jobs, public records workers, and public works. Other jobs here include home health care opportunities, where flexible hours provide night and weekend jobs Delaware residents can use to supplement agricultural income.

The state of Delaware, second smallest after Rhode Island, is home to industry heavyweights who provide thousands of jobs to local residents, especially in finance, aviation, chemicals, and pharmaceuticals. The seacoast tourist industry draws millions of visitors each year as well, employing college students and other summer job seekers on beautiful Delaware beaches.

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